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Do you remember as kid how you would look forward to getting your eager hands on the special Christmas edition of TV Times or Radio Times? If so then you are obviously of certain age, when time was simpler and there was only at most four TV stations to choose from.

It used to be tradition, that as soon as it came out you would sit down and pour over the pages. Scouring the TV schedules for the special festive editions or the latest blockbuster release on Christmas Day. You would ring them with a felt tip pen to make sure you didn’t miss them.​ ​

Fast forward a few years, we have so many stations to choose from on terrestrial and satellite television. The TV guides have made way for the electronic program guide, Sky +, Netflix and Amazon. ​

Has it all become too much? We believe so, the four channels of our youth still hold the Christmas magic. It’s for that reason we have dedicated this section to news and information about the TV specials. festive editions that made our eyes light as a child or excite as an adult.

And don’t forget those special tv memories that you hold dear, our carefully collected playlists will help you capture Christmas from yesteryear!

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