Christmas Advent Activity Calendar 2017

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This year, instead of buying a chocolate advent calendar for the children how about an Advent Activity Calendar? No piece of chocolate and cardboard “tat” that gets eaten in two days. Our Christmas Advent Activity Calendar idea is designed to make the whole of December a memory for the family to cherish. It’s 25 days of activities that the whole family can do together and look back on with a smile of the best Christmas yet.

This is put together in a rough date order with consideration of weekends and breaking up from school so you achieve maximum family involvement. But don’t feel pressured into keeping the order, it’s more of a guide than a hard and fast rule. Also don’t feel that you have to stick to these ones, add your own! The aim is to make December magical and memorable.



Here is the list of activities if you just want to copy and paste it for your own planners or alternatively print out the image and stick it on your fridge so everyone can see what fun you are going to have this year.


Friday 1st December

Write a letter to Santa

Saturday 2nd December

Make a new Christmas decoration

Sunday 3rd December

Make and drink home made hot chocolate

Monday 4th December

Build gingerbread house

Tuesday 5th December

Sing Christmas carols

Wednesday 6th December

Make a homemade gift

Thursday 7th December

Make a Christmas card

Friday 8th December

Make paper chains

Saturday 9th December

Go ice skating, roller blading/skating or pretend

Sunday 10th December

Decorate the Christmas tree as a family

Monday 11th December

Bake cookies or mince pies

Tuesday 12th December

Build a cushion camp and eat cookies

Wednesday 13th December

Read a Christmas story

Thursday 14th December

Random act of kindness – donate/volunteer random gift

Friday 15th December

Make dinner together

Saturday 16th December

Game night, board games card games charades

Sunday 17th December

Go out Christmas light spotting and play Christmas light Bingo

Monday 18th December

Snuggle on the couch and watch a Christmas movie

Tuesday 19th December

Listen and dance to Christmas music – videos youtube sky

Wednesday 20th December

Give someone a secret Santa gift

Thursday 21st December

Build a snowman if no snow make one

Friday 22nd December

Start a new Christmas tradition

Saturday 23rd December

Make and drink mulled wine/cider or apple juice

Sunday 24th December

Open Christmas Eve gift

Monday 25th December

Celebrate Christmas



So go on give it go this year, make it part of the memory and make it the best Christmas yet!

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